I'm Beth Saunders, 19 from London. I'm a fan of Biffy Clyro, Nirvana and pop-punk music! I'm the drummer in the band Rescue Dogs. As well as music, I love Doctor Who! Also, Brian Cox is God.

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Baby bat continuous ear wiggle

Yes. I needed this. 

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I made this for YouTube but you need 100 subs to use it and now I’m crying why oh why 


Trippy ☮ ☯ † ✠ ❀ ⊕

Time-lapse sunset on this lovely night…

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>Nine: “Don’t start a fight.”
>Ten: “Don’t turn your back, and don’t Blink.”
>Eleven: “Don’t ask stupid questions, and Don’t wander off.”

>Twelve: “…Don’t be lasagne.”


That picture of Paul McGann really spoke to me.

make me choose » anonymous asked: Eighth Doctor or War Doctor

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Road of drumsticks… <3


Baby Groot ♥

Groot <3

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